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Angels on a Pin [Aug. 4th, 2009|03:32 pm]



Underworld even this weekend! Be there!

From: (Anonymous)
2009-12-25 10:10 pm (UTC)

Don't tease the poor WOD rejects!

I don't want to give anyone a hard time about this, but having played Vampire LARP at the old Savage Garden (I mention it only because the odds are most if not all of the people who it would mean anything to are local, otherwise I doubt it would have any impact on my point) the 'Underworld' ad above (in both context and name) gave me the wrong idea...I thought this LARP was akin to WoD (if not World of Darkness itself) as opposed to a pseudo-D&D/Nero Fantasy-ish foamswords dungeoncrawl (though: a) I think it's pretty cool having a physical set for dungeoning and b) if these people do their own makeup- especially facial, in all cases I saw in the webgallery- I think they should consider making a living with some of the talent they have in film/TV; never in my life have I seen a homebrew face-body Drow getup look as good as this, and the anthro felines were no less impressive). It's not that I have anything against sword & sorcery; D&D was where I started in RPGaming and I have never abandoned it, despite WOTC's chewing-up and spitting-out over the last decade of the poor thing.

My business here is that I have neither the monetary resources nor physical ability to invest in playing in a LARP like Underworld, regardless of desire. I could handle Vampire- even moreso Werewolf, even though my looks and costuming were...well, nonexistent. But it was close enough to tabletop that I could give it a good shot, and required only the entry fee on a biweekly basis (or nothing at all if it was with another group who had irregular games for about 4 years with some overlap).

Shanmonster, I would offer the suggestion that your advertisement may confuse potential players as to the context and upkeep required for your game. I know it's easy enough to go to your website, linked from here, but I think the 'sanguine' theme of your ad may give people like me the wrong idea about the nature and context of your LARP, especially people who have had some experience in the (AFAIK) well-known LARPs that White Wolf developed. I know that NERO and the SCA both precede White Wolf Games' apex by quite some time, and I respect that it's easily likely your Underworld LARP goes a ways back as well. My concern, regardless; as I have stated, is how your advertisement will be interpreted by people in my position. I wish you the best luck in keeping Underworld going, in any case; the gallery was impressive and the whole thing looks like a blast. I simply haven't the funds to make any real go of this, I'm afraid.

Best of wishes to you and yours from me and mine for the new year to come!

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