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L.A. Noire Community! [Jun. 4th, 2011|10:27 pm]


I have some good news for those of you who were wondering when an L.A. Noire community will finally manifest itself on LJ.

Introducing lanoirefans  , the first livejournal community dedicated to the 1940's Detective game by Rockstar and Team Bondi! If you know about the game or have played it and (hopefully) love it as much as I do, come check us out and meet some cool cats with good taste in gaming.

"God's mill may grind slowly, but it grinds finely, son" - Captain Donnelly
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Great Canadian Board Game Blitz info [May. 5th, 2010|10:07 am]

Just a note that the Great Canadian Board Game Blitz website is up and running and has listings for events over the next few months.

Go, enjoy, tell your friends!
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Gaming this weekend [Oct. 16th, 2009|03:31 pm]

I'm heading to Montreal for Dracons, and there'll also be Hammercon in Hamilton.

Both of these cons will be hosting preliminary events for the Great Canadian Board Game Blitz. In addition to on site prizes, each winner will be awarded a free pass to FanExpo 2010.

Anyway, if you're going to Hammercon, make sure to check out the event (and poke pyat in his belly, he loves that).
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Aeternal Legends: FREE (and Cheap in Print!) over Gen Con! [Aug. 13th, 2009|03:59 am]


(x-posted to roleplayers )

Heya folks. I'm a Peterborough, Ontario-based RPG micro-publisher with a focus on creator-owned work - right now, an urban fantasy RPG called Æternal Legends created by past White Wolf freelancer Stew Wilson. We were both pretty damn busy with life and other projects on initial release in 2007, so we  didn’t have a chance to boost it as much as we wanted - but now we have time.

The Toronto-gameryness of this? It so happens I'll be at Fan Expo doing some panels and such and I do live roughly in the area, so this is kind of supporting your local business.

Promotions-wise, to kick things off we’re offering a PDF of the core book for free via RPGNow. Furthermore, anyone who downloads the PDF will get an $11 print edition discount from Lulu.com by following a special link in the free PDF. This drops the core book’s print price from $26.95 to $15.95. Stew’s Site has a whole ton of support materials too, by the way -- pregens, an intro adventure and so on - and we have expansions on the way.

Æternal Legends is an RPG devoted to classic heroic fantasy, remixed for the modern age: a melange of hidden-world fantasy, postmodern occult metaphysics and an unabashed celebration — and reexamination — of high fantasy cliches.

I'm not good at elevator pitches. Hm. How about "If Alan Moore wrote the Lord of the Rings and set it in the present day?" "If Grant Morrison played in a D&D game run by JK Rowling?" "If a Scottish and Canadian White Wolf freelancer decided they wanted to put put a game with nothing dark or ironic, because we wanted to see what a setting would be like where True Love Conquers All and it's perfectly okay to meet a wizard in a bar without getting all self-aware?" See for yourself. I wrote a longer pitch here. Ton of previews on my company livejournal here.

System-wise, Stew expanded a light house system I've used for years to run all kinds of action-oriented games. It's designed for quick chargen because chargen is one of the big hurdles to starting play, but it has some fairly hefty tactical nuts and bolts too.

This is a limited time offer, designed to coincide with Gen Con 2009 – though real life has reared its head, andwe won’t be attending – but it’s the next best thing to handing it out on the convention floor. And once Gen Con is done, this offer is done – for both the PDF and print offers. Get it while you can and spread the word. That's the biggest thing I would ask. If you enjoy the game, please talk about it in internet fora like RPG.net. We'd really like to get the news out about this game, especially since the existing player base seems to enjoy it . . . and we want 'em to have company.

Damn, I hope I haven't come on too strong! In any event, Stew and I hope you'll give the game a whirl! Thanks!
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Angels on a Pin [Aug. 4th, 2009|03:32 pm]


Underworld even this weekend! Be there!
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Cattle Call for on-line game [Jul. 2nd, 2009|01:12 pm]

[Current Location |In the studio, yo!]
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Looking for 1 or 2 players for long running Rifts campiagn on the Palldiumbooks online game board(s). Game time is Sundays around 7:45 to 8 PM start time and end time is ususaly 12:30 am.
If interested, reply to this post and we'll see what we can do.

Have a good one peeps.
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Hairy Tarantula's Summer Sale [Jun. 25th, 2009|04:17 pm]

The Hairy Tarantula, a comics and game shop, is currently having their regular sale on, and there's bargains galore.

Board games & RPGs are 30% off, CCG boosters are 10% off, and current Magic boosters are $2.89 each among other price reductions.

They're also having their Bargain Basement Convention this Sunday.

I'm gonna be doing some shopping tonight.
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Game Stuff for Sale [Jun. 22nd, 2009|11:42 am]

A friend of mine is selling off a goodly portion of their game stuff.

There's a great variety there, with loads of GURPS and oWoD stuff well represented.

Check it out.
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CanGames this weekend [May. 13th, 2009|01:31 pm]

Well, I'm headed off to Ottawa this long weekend for CanGames. Anyone else heading down? There will be much fun gaming to be had, plus I plan to drop by Fandom II for my irregular pilgrimage.
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Good places to meet to play [May. 7th, 2009|05:27 pm]

[Current Mood |busybusy]

So I've been planning to get together with some friends to play some board games. I was going to do it at the Imperial Pub, but apparently they only let board gamers use the back room, and their food still isn't great.

That's why I'm hoping some of you might have suggestions -- where that is TTC accessible is a good place to have an impromptu gathering of friends to play board games? I was imagining either a pub or cafe.

x-posted to toronto 

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